BRANTFORD — A Rohingya refugee family has found a new home in Brantford and has been receiving a helping hand from local groups.

Anuwar Yosof and his family say they came to Canada to escape violence in their home country and to give their sons hope for a better future.

“I’m very happy to be living in Canada,” he said. “For education, for living, for studies, I think their futures will be very good.”

The year-long process was delayed by the pandemic but has now been completed. The family is now settling into Southwestern Ontario, far away from violence and discrimination that Yosof says his people face.

“The Myanmar government will killed me because the condition is not secure,” he said.

Cares in Brant along with the Muslim Association of Brantford is sponsoring the family by providing shelter, food, and clothing with costs up to roughly $30,000.

A virtual fundraiser was held for the family to raise an additional $10,000.

“The government is paying for six months of support,” said Imam Abu Noman Tarek, director of religious affairs for the association. “We are responsible to add on six months as well as initial start, set up costs.”

He adds that the fundraiser was also an opportunity for the family to meet their sponsors and other community members.

“When we have something for ourselves, we extend our kindness and support for those looking for it,” said Tarek.

The Cares in Brant group has previously sponsored a Syrian family who came to the city in 2016.

“People tend to forget that the refugee experience is so common and parallel from family to family,” said Jamie Crick of the Cares group.

All donations go directly to the family and can be made online at ICNA Relief Canada or by contacting the Brantford Mosque.

Article Courtesy By Kitchener

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