New York, NY (October 25, 2020) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) strongly condemns the heavy-handed approach of the French government after the killing of French educator Mr. Samuel Petty.
Since the killing, France has taken the opportunity to arrest many Muslims, closing down of Mosques and dragging the entire Muslim minority in a so-called crackdown on Islamism. Almost all of these people and organizations have no connection to this crime.
We always condemn any act of violence from any individual or group regardless of their faith and belief. At the same time we also condemn irresponsible behavior of individuals, groups and states. France has used very offensive, and disturbing language and attitude in last many years against Islam and Muslims and unfortunately there is no one from any world forums to keep a check on them.
No one who claims to be a Muslim should take it upon himself to carry out vigilante justice. This creates tremendous chaos and backlash against Muslims globally and not to mention it is totally inconsistent with Islam. The perpetrator of this crime should be brought to justice and given the same due process as any French citizen.
But what is more alarming is that after this incident, the French government unleashed a war against Islam. This is a new trend that the world is witnessing: far-right groups becoming more emboldened than ever before. They take one isolated incident and use it as a springboard to unleash their hatred, racism, Islamophobic bigotry and heavy-handed aggression against a helpless minority.
France who claims to be champion of free speech has tortured and killed millions in North and Central Africa when they carried out their right of free speech and the freedom to choose their path forward. Countries like Algeria, Chad, Niger, Morocco, and Tunisia are some examples of their hostility and clamping down of free speech.
Such double standards in the name of justice is nothing short of hypocrisy or as they say in France “hypocrisie”.
Mr. Macron said that “Islam is a religion that is in crisis all over the world today, we are not just seeing this in our country.” The crisis is not with Islam but the crisis is the systematic nefarious double standards used by countries such as France to rally cheap votes. The crisis is that there are over one billion people in extreme poverty and nations turn a blind eye. The crisis is that war is constantly waged against helpless people after exploiting them of their natural resources and then turn and blame them. The crisis is the abyss of man and how low he can stoop when he has lost his soul.
ICNA calls on the free world to join with them in condemning such repressions as now seen in France.

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