The best ten days in the whole entire world are upon us, the most blessed days of the year: the first ten days of the month of Dhul-Hijjah (meaning “Owner of the Hajj”). It is truly the holiday season for us Muslims, as to us the special days are those in which we really have a reason to rejoice: our good deeds are being multiplied in number.

Regardless of one’s situation, each has the ability to increase in the good deeds and sacrifice in one way or another to gain the blessings from these ten days, as good deeds do not necessarily require time. Fasting is something you can do with no extra time. Remembering of Allah (SWT) on your tongue through takbir, tahmeed, tahleel (reciting: Allahu Akbar, Alhamdulillah, La Ilaha Ila Allah ) is something so light on the tongue, and so heavy in the scales. A smile, a good word, a pleasant aura, a giving hand, all can be light in terms of effort, but they are truly heavy to the Most Gracious.

It is by the Grace and Mercy of Allah (swt) that even the busy man, the busy woman, the student far from home, and the parents’ hands full with their children at home, can gain from these ten days, as even the smallest of good deeds are multiplied.

We welcome the honored days of Dhul-Hijjah with a small reminder of the merits and practical steps we can take to increase the heaviness of our scales.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said about these first ten days: “The best days in the world are the ten days.” Righteous deeds on these days are more beloved to Allah than on any other days. Allah (SWT) swears by them in the Qur’an, indicating their importance.

Some Important reminders: Making Thikr with your tongue Fasting the 9th day, the Day of Arafat Offering Sacrifice, For the Head of the Household Offering Takbir from Fajr on the day of Arafat until the last day of Eid Ul-Adha

Any other good deeds: Charity, fasting in the first 9 days, extra prayers, joining ties between your families, being extra good to your parents, etc.

We pray for the blessings to rain down on our community, for the increase in our good deeds, for Allah to accept our prayers, our praising of Allah, our sacrifices, and our good deeds, and gather us all with the Prophet Ibrahim (S) and His family in the Hereafter.

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