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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]For the last several days tensions were high waiting for the moment of truth when the results would be announced for the 46th President of the USA. After several agonizing days the results were declared and President-elect Joe Biden has been announced the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

While this part is over we must take some lessons this election. We must understand that as Muslims and as Americans we must not underestimate the power that lies in our very own hands: the power to vote. This is our right and we must know its importance. If this has become a reality more than ever before it would have been this very moment.
Oftentimes Muslims think that the others would vote and what would it matter if I vote or not. This election teaches us differently and from now on we must know that in order to bring about any change we must be part of the process. There is no other option. Hence, kudos for all individuals, Muslim communities and organizations that campaigned for “get out and vote”.
We are hopeful that with a new president better days lie ahead. Muslims in America for too long have been thrown under the bus when others need excuse for their failures or wanting to carry out heavy-handed policies. We call on our new administration to treat ALL its citizens, irrespective to race or religion, with respect and dignity and to listen to their concerns in this rebuilding process. Muslims must not be ignored nor be made a scapegoat.
One other thing we learn in this election is ‘divide and rule’ would no longer work in a world so connected with each other. So instead of looking at each other as thorns in the garden it would be more dynamic if we all see each other as a bouquet of different colors. And yes character does matter and divisiveness will not survive.
Now comes the time for forgiveness and healing and striving for the ultimate victory which is winning the hearts and souls of people. There are still many Americans who do know anything about Islam and Muslims. They believe what they are told in the media and this is where our role comes in.
We must make use of every opportunity given to us to be witnesses of truth to our fellow Americans. We must be a witness and an evidence of what it means to be a true Muslim even in the face of hostility. The Seerah tells us that once people know the truth they will turn from a bitter enemy to a staunch supporter. How much haven’t we witnessed in our times. Kindness and magnanimity were the hallmark of Rasoolullah peace be up on him (pbuh)’s character in his dealings with people. Let us take from his Seerah the tools we need to help build our nation and to mend its woes. We still have a long way yet to go. We must all work together to build a better country and a better world.
We ask Allah All Praises Be To Allah that He removes this pandemic from all of humanity and alleviates the sufferings of our Muslim brothers and sisters the world over. We hope and pray for better days to come.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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