Another Mass Shooting: This Madness Must Stop!

Issued on: 5/24/2022

It is with great sadness that ICNA learns of the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas that leaves 19 innocent children and 2 adults dead and several injured. It leaves us once again searching for answers and depressed at the collective state of our American culture. Why such mass shootings happen over and over again? What actions are our lawmakers taking to stop such atrocities other than offering “prayers” and long emotional speeches?

As investigations are underway, ICNA takes this moment to send condolences to the families who have lost near and dear ones and for those injured, a speedy recovery. No words can wipe out the tears and sadness for the loss of these innocent lives. How sad it is for parents never to see their children return from school and tell their little stories! How sad that they will not ever see their children walk the halls for their graduation! How dreams are shattered by such acts of terror.

With so much hate and hate speeches increasing by the day from political leaders, our society is simply heading in the wrong direction. So far this year almost 200 mass shootings have taken place. This is about 1.45 mass shooting per day.

ICNA calls on officials to make every effort to stop this culture of murder that is taking root in our country. Hate speeches from officials must be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly. They have direct effect on our souls of our nation. Why is there so little emphasis on the spiritually of our nation only to be substituted by hatred, bigotry, racism and arrogance?

It is hate and the accessibility of weapons that would lead an 18-year old to walk in a school and take his vengeance out on poor, little defenseless children. It is what causes a 19 year old just a matter a days before to travel several hundred miles to go to a grocery store and kill 10 people of color in Buffalo New York. How many more mass shootings in schools, places of worship, public spaces or elsewhere need to happen in our country before our lawmakers decide to take action?

(Photo Credit: Texas Livestream)

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